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Join the fun and stay in contact with your fellow alumni -- Sign up with the Greater Cleveland Chapter Penn State Alumni Association and we'll keep you in the loop with an annual newsletter that has information about which includes information on networking events, social gatherings and much more.If you would like to become a member contact Bobby Clark. Dues are $20/family for 1 year, $35/family for 2 years, and Lifetime membership per individual or You and Your Spouse/Partner for $300. Hope to see you soon!!
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Support our local students who are in need of financial aid! Please make a small, tax-deductible $5.00 or $10.00 donation to our endowed scholarship fund. Contact Mark Eakman with any questions regarding the fund or eligibility. To receive credit for your donation please make check payable to Penn State University and send the checks to our Treasurer Bobby Clark to contribute. Thank you!
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Contribute directly to the endowed scholarship fund—it’s tax deductible!